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The rise of the tinkerers: how DIY activists are making their own way (Fairfax Newspapers)

'Small Acts of Disappearance': Fiona Wright's powerful essays on hunger (Fairfax Newspapers)

Animal, Vegetable or Miracle — the humanity of slime mould genes (Good Weekend in Fairfax Newspapers)

The Case Against Fragrance (Fairfax Newspapers)

Dick Smith's anti-ABC campaign (New Matilda)

Corporate craftwashing: when 'hand crafted' is really just crafty marketing
(The Conversation, SBS News)

Fury : Women respond to the prevalence of domestic violence
(Fairfax Newspapers)

Review: accepting a transgender child  (Fairfax Newspapers)

The village effect: Susan Pinker summons evidence for the benefits of direct contact (Fairfax Newspapers)

The paranoid case for ABC bias (New Matilda)

Supermarket magazines are a public health hazard (New Matilda)

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When ideology can be hard to stomach (Fairfax Newspapers)

The Ethics of What We Eat (Fairfax Newspapers)

The rhythm of engagement: craft and flow (Overland)

Whitehaven coal: the hoax we had to have (Fairfax Newspapers)

Tinkering in Australia (Life Matters, ABC Radio National)

The Tinkering mindset (ABC Perth)

Greening the Apocalypse (RRR Radio)

SSSSteam punk
(Suzanne Donisthorpe interviews Kath Wilson on ABC Radio National)

Thought-crime and punishment: the story of Abdullah Merhi (Overland)

A new steam of consciousness (Fairfax Newspapers)

Book review: Playing us for suckers (Fairfax Newspapers)

Steampunk (Meanjin)

Up to their old tricks (Fairfax Newspapers)

Holding up the mirror: Windschuttle, me, and the provocateur on trial (Meanjin)

Nurturing a true balance (Fairfax Newspapers)Let the Franklin flow (Fairfax Newspapers)

Naked truth about raunch (Fairfax Newspapers)

Quadrant: It's ok to be a Nazi if you're pretty (Crikey.com)

The insecurity complex (New Matilda)

The public can't be trusted: why I lie to market researchers (New Matilda)

The big fat bitch book (Fairfax Newspapers)

Dr Haneef and the Keystone Cops (New Matilda)

Guns, Guards and Gates: a national security Disneyland (Overland)

Read with Raf — Tinkering (ABC Melbourne)

Degrees at home and away (Fairfax Newspapers)

Grassroots versus Astroturf: discrediting democracy (Overland)

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Is the terrorism threat overblown? (Online Opinion)

Spooky idea of the day: privatise ASIO (Crikey.com)

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Distance between worlds (Griffith Review)

Nurturing a true balance (Fairfax Newspapers)

Stepford Wives, Howard style: the media and the end of equality (Overland)

Seeking Justice for Jack (Eureka Street)